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Make Noise


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    Beschrijving LxD

    LxD, from Make Noise, is a dual Low Pass Gate with no knobs.

    It is a compact 4HP module that can easily fill a small gap in one's synth. Each channel has its own filter slope, with Ch. 1 being a -12dB filter slope, and Ch. 2 being a -6dB slope. They are both vactrol Low Pass Gates, which means they contain the classic Make Noise Strike input. If the output of Ch. 1 is not used, it is normalized to the second channel. CV inputs allow envelopes or LFOs to open and close the filter, and if paired with a Maths, the polarizers can be used as the cutoff controls. 


    • Two Low Pass Gates, a combination of a low pass filter and VCA
    • Different filter slopes for timbral variety
    • Different resonance amounts for both channels. Ch 1 is mildly resonant, and ch 2 is non-resonant
    • Compact size!
    • Normalled together for a quick filter->VCA combo

    More information - Make Noise Music

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