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Keystep Pro

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    Physische Geschäfte in Riga und Rotterdam
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    Beschreibung Keystep Pro

    Unparalleled sequencing and arpeggiation power in a compact, desktop friendly form. KeyStep Pro lets you connect all your vintage hardware, modular gear, and software instruments together to supercharge your creativity.

    Your sound, one step at a time.

    KeyStep Pro lets you craft sequences, songs, and entire setlists in real-time, with immediate hands-on access to every aspect of your performance.

    Laptop or DAWless, producer or keyboardist, you can build your own sound at every level, from punching in individual drum tracks to shifting the key of every instrument at once.


    4 independent polyphonic sequencers, controlling whatever synth, module, or drum machine you want.


    Link up to 16 patterns together to create whole songs or sections of your set.


    Everything in one place. Load, duplicate, tweak, edit, and save for later in its onboard memory.


    16 patterns per track. Each sequencer pattern can be up to 64 steps long, and contain 16 notes per step.


    Snapshots of all the sequences within a pattern, letting you instantly switch between sets of sequences.

    Main Features:

    37 note slim keys, velocity and aftertouch sensitive

    • LED above each key for efficient visual feedback

    Four track step sequencer

    • 16 step buttons, up to 64 steps per sequence
    • Up to 16 notes of polyphony per step

    Melodic sequencer

    • Real-Time recording, step recording, step editing
    • Pitch, velocity, gate length, time shift and probability for each note
    • Scale quantization with user scales
    • Polyphonic CV outputs

    Drum sequencer

    • 24 part drum sequencer
    • Polyrhythm

    Performance-oriented sequencer

    • Forward and two random playing modes
    • Pattern randomization
    • Quantized or unquantized recording
    • Looper


    • 7 arpeggiator modes, 5 octave range

    Chord mode

    Controller mode

    • Use the 5 encoders to send CCs
    • Automate the CCs

    Crisp OLED display

    4x (CV, Gate, Mod) outputs + 8 drum gate outputs

    1 MIDI in, 2 MIDI out, USB, Clock synchronization

    Metronome with included speaker and line output

    Sustain pedal input

    More information you can find here: ARTURIA KEYSTEP PRO

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