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MiniMod Muting Mixer & VCA

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    Physische Geschäfte in Riga und Rotterdam
    Internationales Versenden
    Über 10 Zahlungsoptionen
    Beschreibung MiniMod Muting Mixer & VCA

    The MiniMod Muting Mixer & VCA is a 10HP wide, five channel audio mixer with many useful features. It is available with either a black (Dark Edition), or a silver front panel.

    The mixer section has five input channels, and each channel includes a bi-colour tactile LED switch that can instantly mute or un-mute the channel, replicating the oscillator on/off switches on the original Model D synthesiser. This arrangement is more convenient than regular switches as each illuminated switch shows the on/off status of the associated channel and multiple buttons can be pressed at once, making it very useful for live performance.

    We have also included a four segment LED level meter so that the overall level can be seen at a glance and adjusted to prevent the output from getting too "hot" and causing distortion in other modules further downstream.

    It also features a VCA that is integrated into the output section, and this can be switched from linear to exponential response - this allows it to be used as a voltage controlled sub mixer or as a stand alone VCA with five inputs.

    Lastly, we added a wonderfully soft and warm sounding overdrive circuit that can be switched in to add smooth, tube like distortion. This works in a similar fashion to a master volume guitar amplifier, so the amount of overdrive can be varied widely with different settings of channel and master output levels.


    More information you can find here: Muting Mixer & VCA

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