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Antelope Audio

4 Pro Synergy Core

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    Beschrijving 4 Pro Synergy Core

    The Discrete 4 Pro Synergy Core is designed for stellar recordings at home and in the studio. It features industry-leading sound quality made possible by our latest generation AD/DA converters and transparent preamps.

    Updates to the Pro Model

    Compared to the Discrete 4 Synergy Core, the Discrete 4 Pro Synergy Core delivers improved performance with greater dynamic range, less total harmonic distortion and noise, and quadruple the available channel strips for effects processing. Also, it replaces Thunderbolt 2 connectivity with Thunderbolt 3 (in addition to USB 2.0) and offers adaptive on-screen metering plus extended routing capabilities.

    High-Fidelity Conversion and Clocking

    The Discrete 4 Pro has been upgraded with studio-ready 192 kHz converters (up to 130 dB of headroom) and Antelope Audio’s proprietary 64-bit AFC clocking. With the interface in your rack, you can experience a new level of detail in your recordings, and enjoy a wider soundstage for an exceptional stereo image in audio playback.

    Transparent Preamps

    Antelope Audio’s discrete preamp topology is a descendant of the great console preamps of the time. Designed using a combination of transistors, the Discrete 6-transistor preamps result in high gain (up to 65 dB), minimal noise, and precise sound capture for pristine, transparent recordings.

    Key Features
    • Producers and Self-Recording Artists
    • Thunderbolt 3 and USB 2.0 Connectivity
    • 4 Mic/Line Preamps, 2 with Hi-Z Option
    • Outs: 4 Headphone, 2 Monitor, 4 Line
    • Up to 24-Bit / 192 kHz Resolution
    • External Power Supply / Mac and Windows
    • ADAT & S/PDIF I/O for Digital Expansion
    • Onboard DSP/FPGA Chips
    • 64-Bit AFC Wordclock I/O
    • Includes 37 Real-Time Effects


    More information – Antelope

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