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    Beschrijving ORIA

    Atmos just got easy

    Meet ORIA, the world’s first audio interface and monitor controller designed specifically with immersive audio in mind. Built for creating immersive audio mixes for formats such as Dolby Atmos, ORIA lets you calibrate, control and monitor multi-channel speaker arrays from stereo up to 9.1.6 and everything in between. Perfect for music, film, TV, game and VR production.


    USB 2.0 immersive audio interface and monitor controller with USB-C connection

    • Supports up to 9.1.6 speaker setups
    • Onboard Room Calibration DSP
    • Sonarworks SoundID Referenz Integration
    • Remote Control Software
    • AD/DA conversion: 24bit / 96kHz
    • Dynamic range inputs: 122 dB
    • Dynamic range outputs: 126 dB
    • 2 x 16 Channel surround outputs (analogue & AES)
    • 2 z Stereo line outputs (relay-switched)
    • 2 x Independent stereo headphone outputs
    • 2 x Audient Console microphone preamps (microphone / line / instrument)
    • 2 x ADAT, word clock input and output
    • Fanless design
    • Dimensions: 19" / 1U
    • Includes Sonarworks SoundID reference measurement microphone and 60-day free trial version of SoundID Reference for Multichannel
    • Note: After the 60-day trial period has expired, the created profiles can no longer be accessed. A licence must be purchased for further use.

    More information you can find here: AUDIENT ORIA


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