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    Expert Advice and Test Gear
    Physical Stores In Riga and Rotterdam
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    Beschrijving TREMINATOR

    Tremolo Revoiced and Rebooted

    The analog Treminator from Dreadbox significantly expands the scope of traditional tremolo pedals with more waveform options, expanded rate range, and customizable features like three patch points! The Treminator is built using classic LFO circuitry powerfully enhanced and given unique potential through the addition of voltage-controlled amplifier circuitry borrowed from synthesizers.
    The result is an incredibly dynamic and versatile tremolo that can tackle classic square and triangle trem sounds with ease, but expands the palette with options like saw, reverse saw, and even a waveform randomizer. Combine its many waveform options with the Treminator’s wide 20 sec to 220Hz LFO control and you can get some incredibly unique choppy sounds from this pedal! Sweetwater guitarists also love that the Treminator features tap tempo, a rare tremolo feature that makes this a no-brainer addition to live rigs.
    The Treminator also features three patch points for external control: a VCA patch that lets you assign any of the pedal’s parameters to an external expression pedal, and CV in/out ports for connecting the Treminator to other pedals for stacking effects that interact dynamically in new ways — Dreadbox suggests trying the Treminator with their Lethargy Phaser!

    Dreadbox Treminator Tremolo Pedal Features:

    • Analog tremolo pedal with a VCA circuit borrowed from synthesizers
    • Wide-range LFO offers oscillation from 20 sec to 220Hz
    • 5-way waveform selector for a variety of tremolo styles, including square, saw, triangle, and waveform randomizer options
    • Tap tempo control for hands-free adjustments
    • Powerful LFO signal fade control — achieves studio-style fades with no additional gear
    • Threshold options for dynamic tremolo triggering
    • 3 patch points — VCA and CV in/out options let control any Treminator parameter externally or route it to another pedal (i.e., Dreadbox Lethargy)

    More information - Dreadbox

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