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Op voorraadIn productie, aankomstdatum: midden August/September.
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    Fysieke winkels in Riga en Rotterdam
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    Beschrijving SOLAR-42

    SOLAR 42 is an analogue microtonal ambient drone machine. It is an improved model of the SOLAR 50.

    On board: Four drone voices as in SOLAR 50 Two new drone voices, totally different from SOLAR 50. To create space sound effects Two white noise generators. Two Samples and Holds Two volt octave VCO voices with different waveform variations, including morphing. Two LFOs as in SOLAR 50. 5 step analogue sequencer Preamp for contact mic. Envelope follower Stereo mixer with panoramic left and right channels Dual polyvox stereo filter Dual cartridge effector combiner with CV control. Now you can load a different effect on each channel. Stereo audio output Dry audio outputs volt octave voices External audio input. Joystick Separate push-button keypad for six drone voices Touch sensitive keypad controller for volt octave voices. Power supply unit no longer needs to be reset. Reduced output noise compared to SOLAR 50.

    Behaviour: - single: 12 key mode - twin*: 2x6 key mode, the parameters are the same for both sides - split*: 2x6 key mode, but with separate parameters for both sides (e. g.: you can have an arpeggiator on one side, but a basic keyboard controller on the other side) * in twin and split modes the pressure output acts as the note CV output, therefore pressure parameters (output, rise and fall) have no effect

    Arpeggiator state: - off: the module acts as a keyboard controller - on: enables arpeggiator Arpeggiator hold: - off: the arpeggiator will play only while the keys are held - on: the arpeggiator will continue to play the last progression after the keys are released
    Arpeggiator clock: - sets the clock multiplication/division ratio for the arpeggiator
    Arpeggiator direction: - forward - backward - ping-pong - random
    Arpeggiator variation: when enabled the arpeggiated progression will be played again transposed by the selected intervall. - OFF - x1 - x2 - x3
    Arpeggiator variation intervall: 1 - 12 semitones
    Arpeggiator rhythm: an eight step trigger sequencer placed between the arpeggiators virtual clock input and clock source, applies a rhythmic pattern to the arpeggio. - turn steps on/off
    Arpeggiator rhythm length: sets the length of the rhythm sequencer. 1 - 8 steps

    Portamento: creates slew limiting effect on the CV output, sets the speed of gliding (ie: how much time it takes to transition from one pitch to the next). 0 - 255
    Legato: - off: portamento is always on - on: gliding happens only when two or more note plates are touched simultaneously (this parameter has no effect when arpeggiator is enabled)
    Vibrato speed: sets the speed of the LFO that's modulating the note CV output. 0 - 127
    Vibrato depth: sets the modulation amount. 0 - 127
    Vibrato delay: specifies a time delay before vibrato begins to apply until it reaches the full strength specified by the depth parameter. 0 - 127
    Vibrato pressure control: when enabled, the modulation amount is altered by the pressure applied to keys. - off - on

    Pressure output: 

    • pressure: voltage on the pressure output will continuously follow the pressure applied to key plates -
    • ASR: attack/sustain/release envelope generator -
    • AD: attack/decay envelope generator -
    • LOOP: looped AD envelope generator -
    • random: outputs a random voltage Rise: creates slew limiting effect on rising edge in pressure and random modes, sets attack time in envelope modes. 0 - 255 Fall: creates slew limiting effect on falling edge in pressure and random modes, sets decay/release time in envelope modes. 0 - 255
    • Scale editor: turn notes on/off of the scale applied by the note quantiser, when all notes are disabled the module works as a microtonal keyboard.

    Load scale: select and load a preset scale/mode.
    - Semitones
    - Ionian
    - Dorian
    - Phrygian
    - Lydian
    - Mixolydian
    - Aeolian
    - Locrian
    - Blues major
    - Blues minor
    - Pentatonic major
    - Pentatonic minor
    - Folk
    - Japanese
    - Gamelan
    - Gypsy
    - Arabian
    - Flamenco
    - Whole Tone

    Root note: sets the root note of the scale applied by the note quantiser. C - H
    Clock BPM.

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