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    Beschrijving SC307

    The SC307 is a powerful monitor perfectly suited for near- and midfield monitoring. And, in surround set ups, the SC307 will work excellently as a center channel too.

    The SC307 combines the power from three different amplifiers to deliver a very efficient, dynamic and low noise sound reproduction.

    Our three-way systems are developed for critical and detailed listening. Although they will be able to provide lots of power and thunderous bass frequencies, they will also excel if you're looking for a precise and very detailed pair of speakers.

    Smooth As Silk

    My initial impression of the Eve SC307 was that of a very civilised loudspeaker with a detailed, smooth top-end, real clarity in the mid-range and a defined and well-controlled bottom end. The bass has depth coupled with a lithe, tight character which means that its timing is always spot-on and exhibits none of the slow feeling that you can find in some ported cabinets. Whatever Eve have done with the DSP, amps, drivers and porting, it works extremely well.

    The mid-range delivers all the detail and sense of space that I like to hear, and combined with the smooth, detailed treble, this leaves poor mixes and masters with nowhere to hide. The SC307 is also capable of delivering a wide sound-stage and giving individual instruments within it a real sense of scale and depth.

    Given its smoothness, I began to think of the SC307 as also having the characteristics of a particularly revealing hi-fi speaker, rather than of a really ruthless monitor. This is no bad thing, as a smooth, controlled speaker is easier and much less tiring to listen closely to for long periods than one with a very in-your-face sound.

    Having said that, you can use the filters in the DSP to bring the high end forward, pump up the bass or subjectively lift or drop the mid-range response. While altering all the filter settings changes the sound as specified, even lifting the treble to excess doesn't affect the overall sense of smooth control that characterizes the SC307.

    Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm] 500 x 215 x 310
    Dimensions (WxHxD) ["] 19.69 x 8.46 x 12.2
    Free-field frequency range (-3dB) 40Hz - 21kHz
    Tweeter AMT RS2
    Mid-Woofer 165mm/6.5"
    Woofer 165mm/6.5"
    Max SPL per pair 122dBspl
    Output power (woofers) 2 x 100W
    Output power (tweeter) 50W

    More information - EVE Audio

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