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    Beschrijving Fumana


    Dual 16 Bands Spectral Editor

    fumana / fuˈma:na / s.f. [dialect of Modena, from Latin fūmus, ‘smoke’] – ‘fog’. Like specters use to lie into the thick fog (which the Modenese countryside is pretty rich of), so many spectral capabilities and functions do within the thick bands of the ‘fumana’

    We designed FUMANA around one basic core principle: modify the spectral content of the incoming audio signal by filtering it through 16 bandpass filters in parallel and then vary the amplitude of each resulting band.

    Even though this core principle is relatively simple, the key feature of FUMANA is that it provides a wide set of controls over the bands’ amplitude: the spectral content of the incoming sound can be thus modified by the faders, which are individually CV-controllable; by the envelope followers which are generated by the analysis of the sound patched in the Modulation input; by the global parametric controls such as Tilt and Scan.

    Furthermore, a flexible input/output signal routing allows the musician to “split” the 16 filters into two 8-band spectral processors by grouping the odd and even bands separately. It will be possible to process two independent signals, or to blend two signals into one output, or even to perform two different sonic treatments over the same signal and route it to two different output sections.

    Individual outputs are available for each band, both for the Main sound (i.e. the filtered one) and for the Mod sound (i.e. the resulting envelopes).

    Since a spectral transfer tool may be used as a “vocoder-like-effect”, the FUMANA provides an input for an external noise which may be used for fricative/sibilant sounds.


    42 HP


    38 mm

    Current draw

    430 mA @ +12 V



    390 mA @ -12 V

    CV input impedance

    >90 KΩ

    CV output impedance


    <50 Ω


    Audio input impedance


    >20 KΩ


    Audio output impedance (main)


    <50 Ω


    Audio output impedance (individual filters)


    <250 Ω


    Envelope followers amplitude from 0-10 V (1)

    ±5 %


    Manual you can find here: MANUAL

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