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    Beschrijving S360

    The Genelec S360 is a precision SAM-Series, 2-way active studio monitor designed to provide reference-quality monitoring for applications where the requirement is high SPL for multiple listeners at a distance—from large, immersive setups in post-production studios or film-mixing stages to live monitoring for music-production playback.

    Housed in a compact, low-diffraction enclosure with quality Finnish woodwork, the S360 is equipped with a 10" woofer and an integrated, extended Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) supporting its 1.7" titanium-diaphragm compression tweeter. Powered by 350W of Class-D amplification, the speaker delivers 118 dB of maximum SPL with excellent on-axis characteristics and uncolored 95° (horizontal) to 75° (vertical) dispersion.

    As part of the SAM Series of monitors, the S360 integrates with the Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software (free download available separately), via which it can be calibrated, and incorporated into a system configurable from simple stereo to large immersive formats. The speaker comes with integrated DSP to compensate for detrimental room acoustic anomalies.

    The S360's enclosure offers versatile in-wall and on-wall mounting options, while down-firing, flow-optimized laminar integrated reflex ports (LIP) ensure accurate and noise-free bass output, great for in-wall and perforated-screen installation. When the monitor is used in free-standing mode, the proprietary Iso-Plate effectively decouples the monitor from its base, preventing coloration caused by conduction of unwanted vibration to the mounting surface.

    Requires the GLM V2.0 User Kit (available separately) to integrate the speaker's Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) technology with the GLM monitor calibration software (free download available separately).
    Key Features
    • 2-way active monitor ideal for Dolby film mixing, post, and music production
    • Compact, low-diffraction enclosure with premium quality Finnish woodwork
    • 118 dB of maximum SPL with low distortion
    • Smart Active Monitoring (SAM) technology integrates with Genelec Loudspeaker Manager (GLM) software (free download available separately) 
    • 10" high-efficiency woofer based on Genelec's Master Series
    • 1.7" compression tweeter with titanium diaphragm, into 1" throat
    • 250W woofer amp and 100W tweeter amp (all Class-D)
    • 39 Hz to 19 kHz frequency response
    • 95° (horizontal) to 75° (vertical) dispersion for accurate directivity control across the entire audio band
    • Remains accurate at distances exceeding 33'
    • 1.25"-thick front baffle and critical bracing minimize panel vibration for pristine sound quality
    • Low-latency DSP
    • Free-standing, in-wall, or on-wall mounting
    • Made in Finland

    More information - Genelec

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