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    Expert Advice and Test Gear
    Physical Stores In Riga and Rotterdam
    Always welcome!
    Beschrijving Drumlogue

    If you’re looking for hard-hitting drums that span the spectrum of standalone, studio, and stage use, then you’re in the right place, even if it’s just scratching the surface of what the Drumlogue can do.

    Korg’s latest drum machine is a triple-threat chimera, boasting three distinct engines for uncompromising customization and sound design: analog, digital, and Multi — an open-source engine revamped by Korg to get even more, fully customizable mileage out of your drum machine. The Drumlogue hosts 16 pads with a 10-voice polyphony, utilizing four analog voices for the rich, classic flavor of old school drums, and six digital voices to handle percussion, sampling, and more. Out of the box, Drumlogue features fully rewritable programs and drum kits, with numerous banks, types, and presets combining for 512 options across both categories. A robust 64-step sequencer, live mixing tools, an intuitive interface, and a versatile I/O suite have production pros in agreement that the Drumlogue is a must-have machine that accommodates from the studio to the stage.


    Korg Drumlogue Hybrid Drum Machine Features:

    • 16-pad hybrid drum machine features 3 engines for unmatched creative modularity
    • Analog voicing retains distinctive, rich character for punchy drums
    • Digital voicing handles percussion, sampling, and more with crystal clarity
    • Multi engine is open source and endlessly customizable, providing access to new drums, synth voices, master FX, and more
    • 11-track, 64-step sequencer can handle anything from shorter grooves to full performances
    • Streamlined UI allows for instant tuning and attenuation of drums and samples
    • Live mixing knobs ensure responsive changes for on-the-fly modifications
    • Onboard FX include reverb, delay, and custom third-party Multi choices that can be applied to individual parts or the whole mix
    • Preset drum kits and programs are broken down by bank, type, and preset, all totally rewritable
    • Drums and programs each feature 64 factory presets and an additional 64 user slots
    • Robust I/O suite includes DIN MIDI I/O, audio sync, USB-A and USB-B, and assignable audio outputs for versatile, accommodating use in any setup
    • Experience Nano, an exclusive dual-oscillator synth plug-in that flexes the muscles of Korg’s Multi engine, in collaboration with Sinevibes


    More information – Korg

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