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    Beschrijving Grandmother

    Delightfully Playable Semi-modular Analog Goodness

    The Moog Grandmother semi-modular analog synthesizer had us at "built-in spring reverb," and there is plenty more creative potential here than meets the eye. You can start playing and designing sounds immediately — no patching required. The onboard arpeggiator and sequencer are a blast to play with, and you can even save three sequences for instant recall anytime. And with its 32-note Fatar keybed, the Grandmother is one of the best-feeling compact analog synths you'll find. Whether you need it for stage or studio, the Moog Grandmother offers a fresh take on the classic Moog sound.

    Both oscillators offers selectable waveshapes and can be hard-synced, while the dedicated analog LFO features audio-rate capabilities. The classic 24 dB low-pass ladder filter provides a frequency range of 10 Hz to 20 kHz, while the patchable 1-pole high-pass filter offers additional harmonic shaping. Additionally, the Grandmother offers a standard ADSR envelope generator and is complemented by a built-in hardware spring reverb.

    The onboard sequencer offers three memory slots and each sequence can retain up to 256 notes. Additional features include USB MIDI, MIDI in/out/thru via 5-pin DIN, a patchable bipolar attenuator, a patchable 4-way mult, and a 1/4" external input for processing guitars, drum machines and more. The Moog Grandmother ships with a power adapter, a power cord, a drawstring bag, and eight patch cables.

    Moog Grandmother Semi-modular Analog Synthesizer Features:

    • Semi-modular monophonic analog synthesizer with 41 patch points
    • 32-note, velocity-sensitive Fatar keybed
    • Built-in spring reverb can process internal and external sounds
    • Semi-modular design — no patching required, but ready to integrate with Eurorack
    • All normalized connections can be interrupted, for complete modular integration
    • Flexible arpeggiator/sequencer, with 3 preset locations for your favorite sequences (up to 256 notes each)
    • 2 oscillators with triangle, saw, square, and pulse waveforms, with PWM and Linear FM inputs
    • 4-pole, 10Hz-20kHz ladder filter
    • 1-pole highpass filter
    • Analog ADSR envelope generator with dedicated fader for sustain-stage manipulation
    • Analog LFO can reach audio rates
    • MIDI connectivity via DIN MIDI in/out/thru and USB
    • 41 patch points include 21 inputs, 16 outputs, and a parallel-wired 4-jack passive mult
    • 1/4" audio input for external signals

    More information - Moog Music

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