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    Beschrijving Aruba

    Next Generation Beat Controller for Your DAW and Hardware

    The Nektar Aruba pad controller and sequencer is a comprehensive master controller for your DAW and your MIDI rig. At its core is the included Nektarine 2.0 software, which gives Aruba complete control over your VST, VST3, and AU plug-in collection — you can control up to 16 different instrument plug-ins simultaneously via its ultra-sensitive pads. DAW integration is built right in — just press the "DAW" button for full control over Ableton Live, Logic, Reaper, Studio One, and other popular options. You can even customize Aruba to be whatever type of USB or MIDI controller you need it to be, with 16 user presets to store your pad and control assignments. If you've been searching for a capable controller to bring your software and hardware together in the familiar form of a 16-pad drum machine, Nektar Aruba is your solution.

    Nektarine software lets you work with your plug-ins like hardware

    In a world of multi-purpose USB MIDI controllers, what sets the Nektar Aruba pad controller and sequencer apart? Most notably, the Nektarine 2.0 software that gives you an entirely new way to interact with your plug-in collection. Nektarine can host up to 16 of your virtual instrument plug-ins, with four effects plug-in slots for each — you also have additional slots for send effects. And using Nektarine's mixer page, you can customize volume, panning, and mute/solo for each plug-in.

    In addition to plug-in control, Nektarine makes it easy to browse through thousands of patches to find the sounds you need fast. And because Nektarine can run in any DAW that hosts AAX, AU, VST, or VST3 plug-ins, it basically allows you to create your own custom virtual instrument and effects rack, and then access that within your DAW of choice. Outside of your DAW, you can run Nektarine as a standalone application, putting all of your custom sounds at your fingertips without having to reference a DAW project.

    Built-in integration with the most popular DAW software

    Taking control over your DAW software with the Nektar Aruba couldn't be simpler — just press the dedicated "DAW" button and you're ready to select tracks, control the transport, enable recording, and so on. And while Aruba can be a capable USB controller for practically any software, Sweetwater is pleased to report that full DAW integration is built right in for the following:

    • Ableton Live Suite
    • Apple Logic and Garageband
    • Bitwig 8-Track and Studio
    • Cockos Reaper
    • MOTU Digital Performer
    • PreSonus Studio One
    • Reason Studios Reason
    • Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo

    Nektar Aruba Beat Composer/DAW Controller Features:

    • USB MIDI controller and step sequencer for hardware and software
    • 16 sensitive RGB pads, with powerful Pad Repeat function for creating dynamic rolls
    • Hardware step sequencer gives you instant access to 16 patterns, up to four parts each, for a total of 64 steps
    • Deep integration for popular DAWs including Ableton Live Suite, Bitwig, Cubase, Logic, Garageband, Studio One, and more
    • Can control an entire MIDI-based rig, complete with internal clock and customizable control assignments
    • Nektarine software hosts up to 16 virtual instruments (VST, VST3, and AU) plus effects plug-ins
    • Use Nektarine as a plug-in itself within your DAW (AAX, AU, VST, VST3), or as a standalone host for your instruments and effects
    • Comprehensive browser makes it simple to find your favorite sounds and custom control maps
    • Dedicated buttons to enable DAW control, step sequencer, note repeat, and other modes support a fast workflow
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