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    Fysieke winkels in Riga en Rotterdam
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    Beschrijving FOUR

    RANE FOUR Serato Stems DJ Controller - Advanced 4-channel DJ mixer designed with Serato for creative DJ performances with Rane's industry-leading build-quality and signature sound

    Key Features

    •    Internal FX suite with 22 paddle-triggered Main FX and 4 knob-controlled Channel FX add additional flavour to individual Stem elements and tracks. Switch between the hardware FX and Serato's software FX
    •    16 Performance Pads with dedicated OLED  Pad Mode displays for visual feedback
    •    8.5” Hi-Res Jog Wheels - A central colour display indicates BPM, Overview Waveform with Hot Cue markers, Deck number, Loop size, Pitch Range, Pitch Percentage, Beat Jump value, Song Key, Time and more
    •     4-channel mixer section with full EQ control, FX assignment options, enhanced Sampler routing, and quick-access jog wheel deck selection buttons. The FOUR is DVS ready and unlocks both Serato DJ Pro and Serato Pitch ‘n Time.
    •    2 USB laptop connections, a switchable phono/line in, 1/4" Booth/Zone out, 2 dual TRS/XLR Microphone ins, RCA Main and XLR Main outs with Stereo and Mono switch
    •    XLR & RCA Main out, 1/4” Booth/Zone out, 
    •    (2)   stereo RCA line/phono inputs and (2) XLR 1/4” combo jack microphone inputs

    •    Trusted RANE Quality - Solid, bulletproof construction, MAG FOUR crossfader, aluminium FX toggles, industry-leading sound quality and connections ensures RANE FOUR will always performs like a champ




    The FOUR brilliantly combines the latest in performance-focused DJ technology with RANE’s tried-and-true build and industry-leading sound quality. The result is a bulletproof, great sounding, feature-packed DJ controller that will unleash exciting new levels of creativity in your DJ sets and livestreams. With never-before-seen features like STEM-SPLIT, Performance Pad OLED displays, and a new dynamic internal FX engine, the FOUR is the world’s most advanced 4-channel Stems DJ controller.


    RANE and Serato have a long history of creating groundbreaking DJ products together, dating back to the RANE SL1 box in 2004. The RANE FOUR takes this partnership to the next level by melding the industrial-grade build and sound quality of RANE hardware with the powerful new Stems capabilities of Serato DJ software. The result is a next-level DJ controller with unprecedented Serato Stems control. A dedicated Stems Pad Mode, Instrumental and Acapella buttons, and RANE’s exclusive STEM-SPLIT feature provide you with the ultimate Stems workflow and experience to fully elevate your creativity as a DJ.


    The newly designed internal FX suite features 22 paddle-triggered, fully customizable Main FX and 4 knob-controlled Channel FX for adding flavor and personality to individual Stems elements and tracks. This robust FX suite features traditional FX classics like Reverb and Echo and exhilarating new additions including Scale Down, Recycler, Riser, and more. The Channel FX section offers dynamic, hands-on manipulation of 4 knob-controlled FX including Filter, Filter Roll, Noise, and Flanger. The RANE FOUR also allows you to switch seamless back and forth between the built-in hardware FX and Serato’s software FX, providing limitless options for any style of DJing. 


    The 4-channel mixer section features full EQ control and intuitive FX assignment options, plus 2 external Line/Phono inputs for external turntables or decks. The FOUR is DVS-enabled and unlocks both Serato DJ Pro and Serato Pitch ‘n Time when connected to laptop running the latest version of Serato.  Enhanced Sampler routing options allow you to control the Sampler volume via a dedicated knob, or assign the audio to Channel 4 so that you can layer FX on top of your DJ drops, instruments, and other samples. The quick-access deck selection buttons allow for swiftly switching platter control between software decks, and the FOUR also supports external modular decks like the RANE TWELVE MKII and the Denon DJ LC6000 for a full physical 4-deck mixing experience.


    The 8 OLED displays above the Performance Pads on each deck offer visual feedback for all pad modes, making it easier than ever to see the function of each pad without having to look at the computer.  See Cue, Loop, and Sample names as well as Roll and Loop lengths, beat divisions, Pitch Play tuning, and Stem elements and FX.


    The 8.5” capacitive jog wheels were designed to be the smoothest and most accurate static jog wheels available on a DJ controller. A central color display indicates play head position, BPM, pitch percentage, pitch range, overview waveform with Hot Cue markers, song key, time, loop size, deck selection, Beat Jump length and more.


    The RANE FOUR is the only 4-channel DJ controller built to RANE’s rigorous standards. Solid, bulletproof construction, MAG-FOUR crossfader with curve adjustment and channel assignment switches, aluminum FX toggles, and industry-leading sound quality and connections ensure that the RANE FOUR will always perform like a champ, no matter what.


    8 independent multi-function pads with onboard OLED display giving you Stems, Hot Cue, Saved Loop, Roll, Sampler, Slicer and a Combo Pad mode to activate 2 modes like CUE and Stems at the same time


    Mic 1&2 XLR ins plus the channels 3&4 ins that you can switch from Line to Phono, and a Ground next to it, Booth/Zone jack outs plus XLR & RCA Main outs that you can switch between Stereo or Mono. RANE FOUR features Dual-USB laptop connections for seamless DJ transitions. The RANE Four's Mic Controls feature the Level, High and Low rotary knobs, as well as a switch to turn the Mic on and off.  Talk over and Echo on DJ Mic.


    Add one or two LC6000’s to gain independent control over the third and fourth decks of the RANE FOUR. Enhance your performance using a full-size jog wheel with display and responsive performance pads.

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