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    Beschrijving T-1

    Short Description 252 words

    The little brother to the renowned T2

    Classic sound meets modern craftsmanship in its simplest form; we proudly introduce the little brother to the renowned T2 – meet the T1 large-diaphragm cardioid true-condenser microphone! With cardioid being the most common polar pattern utilized in both live and studio applications, the T1 prioritizes the features you really need, putting the smooth sound character of classic condensers in the palm of your hand.

    Featuring the very same handcrafted twin 1“ titanium-sputtered brass capsule as the T2 - the T1 is a true workhorse that delivers incredible results on a wide array of sources. Titanium is 33% stiffer and more than 300% lighter than gold, resulting in a faster transient response, perfect for capturing sources that thrive on attack such as drums, cymbals, hand percussion, and upright bass just to name a few applications. The T1 is especially outstanding in live environments as a factory matched-pair for overheads or instrument spot mic applications.

    Handcrafted with the highest attention to detail, the T1 is built with a dent-proof die-cast all-metal housing, metal switches, a rugged spring steel wire mesh grille, and a premium finish. The T1 is roadworthy, ready to handle the day-to-day life of touring professionals and years of demanding studio use.

    With integrated attenuation pads and low-cut filters, the T1 compensates for loud sources, easily taming excessive low-frequency rumble or proximity effect, providing the necessary extended dynamic range and roll-offs needed to dial in your sound at its source.

    The T1: Titanium makes the difference. 

    Features & Benefits

    the little brother of the renowned T2

    • gold-sputtered capsules have become the gold standard. Titanium is 33% stiffer and 300% lighter.
    • your transients will never be the same again.
    • no frills - just the features you really need. Cardioid only. No LEDs. No plastic switches.

    precise cardioid polar pattern with impressive off-axis rejection

    • minimizes signal bleed from unwanted sources
    • ensures high gain before feedback in the whole frequency range
    • ensures directivity from the source by preventing coloration from indirect reflections and reverb

    handcrafted 1" true-condenser capsule

    • titanium-sputtered diaphragms ensure awesome transient response
    • every capsule is handcrafted and individually tuned in our very own factory
    • true condenser technology and ultra-precision parts for the best possible sound quality

    switchable pre-attenuation pad

    • provides an extended dynamic range
    • enables a wide range of applications
    • enables close-miking of loud sources such as electric guitars, brass instruments and kick drums

    switchable low-cut filter

    • eliminates low-frequency rumble or footfall noise
    • compensates for excessive bass with close-mic techniques

    handmade metal housing with premium finish

    • roadworthy die cast housing and solid spring-steel grille for maximum robustness
    • efficient rejection of any electrical interference and noise
    • premium finish ensures a great look for many years

    available in matched-pair configurations

    • Rigorously tested, tuned in-house and sonically matched for a virtually identical frequency response
    • Provides balanced, consistent stereo sound and imaging
    • Complete with the essentials needed for instant stereo applications


    What’s in the box

    Microphone (x2)

    Shockmount with thread adapter (x2)

    Stereo mounting bar

    Metal case

    sE logo sticker

    User manual with warranty card

    • English
    • German
    • Italian
    • French
    • Spanish
    • Chinese


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