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Prophet 10 Keyboard

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    Beschrijving Prophet 10 Keyboard

    The Sequential Prophet-10 synthesizer is another release you didn't see coming. We have to go back in history to know what kind of meat we have in the pan. The Prophet-10 is effectively a double Prophet-5. In total, this P10 has ten voices, with two oscillators and a noise generator per voice. Furthermore, a filter with ADSR and a general/volume ADSR. The original P5 came out in the late 1970s, the P10 a little later, and both synths were monsters. Not only in terms of possibilities, but also in terms of support. The big names among the producers and composers had a Prophet-5. The Prophet-10 is extremely rare, the chance that you will come across an original is almost zero. That old Prophet-10 was iconic, if only for its two-manual appearance.

    Features of the Sequential Prophet-10

    The new P10 is somewhat smaller compared to the original product, as the double keyboard has been omitted, and the sequencer of the P10 is also missing. In fact, apart from the name on the top and the back, these two products are optically identical. This makes the new Prophet 10 a lot easier to transport than the old Prophet 10. And well, we do the sequencing with a computer, don't we? And if you want to use an external hardware sequencer, this Prophet just has MIDI and CV/gate, so that won't be the problem. The real functional difference is therefore only the number of votes, ten instead of five. So that is also the consideration to make.

    Other properties

    This Prophet-10 has a beautiful keyboard from Fatar, which is touch sensitive and has aftertouch. There is of course USB-MIDI in addition to the already mentioned MIDI, in that respect a product of this time. If you miss the different filter character of previous revisions: you can switch back to the old rev editions with this new Prophet. Also very nice is a vintage rotary knob, with which you can add the unstable of the past to your sound. To see it is a gem, that much may be clear, to listen to it is all melancholy. This Prophet has a price tag that not everyone can handle, but you do get a piece of renewed pop history in return. If you're up for it, and it's right up your alley, you'll get a brand new and improved Prophet-10 in your studio!

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