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Shure SM7B

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    Fysieke winkels in Riga en Rotterdam
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    Beschrijving Shure SM7B

    Looking for the best microphone for vocals or voiceover? How about a no-nonsense solution for recording your guitar cab? The Shure SM7B isn't just a great microphone—it's one of the best microphones that money can buy. With its high SPL handling, excellent off-axis rejection, and its uncanny combination of warmth and clarity, it's a perfect fit for any studio.

    Ideal for vocals in radio, podcasting, video or voiceover work, the SM7B is a top choice when it comes to spoken word or lead vocals in music. Although it's been around for a while, this microphone is still much loved, and its performance shows why that is.

    The diaphragm has a terrific low-end presence with a flat wide-ranging frequency response, from 50Hz–20kHz. Two switches on the rear add a bit of bass roll-off and a midrange presence boost, perfect for tailoring the mic's response to any voice. Performing excellently through a broad spectrum of vocal ranges, it is suitable for any user. It also includes the alternative A7WS windscreen, designed specifically for close-talk applications common to broadcasting and vocal recording setups.

    If you're a singer, podcaster, streamer, or a content creator who needs a dependable microphone for vocal usage, the SM7B is a time-tested, world-class choice. If you're a guitarist looking for a trusted way to capture your tone, it's up for the job; and if you're looking for a way to capture studio-quality sound in any sonic environment, it's a godsend. And honestly, if you're running a studio—either a professional setup, an on-site recording rig, or even just a home project studio—this mic is a necessary addition to your locker. You'll be surprised at just how great it sounds, and just how often it will prove to be the right tool for the job at hand.


    • Iconic, industry-standard microphone for broadcast and vocal recording
    • Integrated bass roll-off and presence boost controls for tailoring sonic response
    • Wide, flat frequency response for exceptional crispness and clarity
    • Integrated pop filter
    • Includes alternative A7WS windscreen for close-talk applications
    • Shielded to reject hum and interference
    • Cardioid response with incredible off-axis rejection provides excellent isolation from unwanted sound
    • Built to last a lifetime
    • Use for dialog, clean vocals, guitar amps, instruments, and more


    Microphone type: Dynamic

    Polar pattern: Cardioid

    Frequency response: 50Hz–20kHz

    Output impedance: 150 Ohms

    More information - Shure

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