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Universal Audio

Solo 610

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    Fysieke winkels in Riga en Rotterdam
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    Beschrijving Solo 610


    The SOLO/610 delivers the classic Putnam 610 tube console sound in a portable, highly versatile mic preamp design. It provides the silky, vintage warmth of the original console’s mic amp design, and will flatter and enhance any microphone or instrument with its iconic tones.

    Thanks to its convenient form factor, the SOLO/610 can be conveniently used in the control room or the recording room, on stage, or on a desktop. Functionally lean but sonically mean, the SOLO/610 maintains the character of the 610 console — at a price every serious project studio can afford.

    • Record through the classic tube circuit of the Putnam 610 console mic preamp and DI
    • Add tube girth and detail to any mic
    • Sculpt signals with Gain, Level, and Impedance controls for maximum tonal variety
    • Craft your sounds with classic UA tube circuits, hand-built in the USA


    Vintage Tones, Modern Workflow

    The SOLO/610 offers Mic and DI inputs, and Gain and Level controls for myriad clean or colored sounds. Unlike its predecessors, the SOLO/610 has continuous Gain control with even greater range, allowing for precise gain structuring. The SOLO/610 has all of the essential features of a professional mic pre, including 48v Phantom Power, Lo-Cut filtering, Phase Reverse, and flexible dual impedance selection for both Mic and DI inputs. The SOLO/610 also includes essential DI features like Thru use in conjunction with an amplifier, plus Ground Lift and a versatile Mic/Line level output switch.


    Key Features

    Classic Putnam 610 console mic preamplifier and DI
    Legendary all-tube sound, at a project studio price
    Gain, Level, and Impedance selection for maximum tonal variety
    Portable design for studio, desktop or stage
    Rugged construction-steel chassis
    DI features include Thru and Mic/Line level output
    Hand-built in USA; backed by 1-year limited warranty


    Input Impedance
    Mic Input - Selectable 450 ohms (Lo-Z) or 1.6 kilohms (Hi-Z)
    DI Input - Selectable 2.2 megohms (Lo-Z) or 50 kilohms (Hi-Z)

    Output Load Impedance
    20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 1 dB

    Maximum Gain
    61 dB

    Tube Complement
    (1) 12AX7, (1) 12AT7

    Maximum Mic Input Level
    -12 dBu, 1.0% THD+N Ratio

    Maximum Instrument Input Level
    +4 dBu, 1.0% THD+N Ratio

    Maximum Gain Mic Input
    55 dB (1.6K ohm input), 60 dB (450 ohm input)

    Mic/Instrument In Frequency Response
    20 Hz to 20 kHz, +/- 0.1 dB

    Maximum Gain Instrument Input
    37 dB

    L: 14"
    W: 5 3/4"
    H: 5"

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