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    Expert Advice and Test Gear
    Physical Stores In Riga and Rotterdam
    Always welcome!
    Beschrijving Rample

    Sample, layer and create with multi-sampling

    The Rample gives you everything you need to create loops and songs using your own custom samples. With four voices (channels) in total you can incorporate, stack, layer and manipulate samples to cater to your sound design. The four voices are used to play .WAV files and feature their own dedicated outputs for added flexibility. From drum breaks to melodic loops and more, you can layer samples and process them to your heart's content.

    Multi-layering samples allow you to create variations and complex compositions, ideal for music production and live performances. You can utilise up to 2,600 banks of four voices. Each set of four samples is labelled as a “kit” on the SD card, allowing you to incorporate new samples and sounds on the fly. The module comes complete with an SD card that is jam-packed with genre-defying samples and sound content.

    Each of the four voice’s supports up to 12 samples in total. These samples can be played in a controlled manner or randomly, dependent on your needs. This is a great way to add variation to your samples. For example, incorporating 12 different snare sounds (or varied velocities of the same sample) and 12 different kicks (or varied velocities) allows you to switch between the different sounds or levels. This results in a much more natural sound, in comparison to single-sound samples.


    ● 4-voice sample player
    ● plays .wav files, organized as 'kits' inside the microSD card
    ● up to 2600 kits (A0 to Z99)
    ● no sample duration limit (can even plays several hours files)
    ● each voice has a 5-effect rack: bitcrusher, pitch (6-pole interpolator), filter, freeze, drive
    ● ... and more parameters: level, sample start point, length, attack/decay and run mode
    ● mute groups for each sample
    ● multilayers: each voice can be “multi-sampled” with up to 12 samples
    ● everything is controllable with the CV inputs or via midi in
    ● microSD preloaded with artists kits
    ● easy to create and import samples from the micro SD card


    ● 4 Gate (for sample trig)
    ● 4 assignable CV to modulate effects parameters [-5V to +5V]
    ● 1 midi (control/sequence Rample, jack to din adapter included)


    ● 4 dedicated audio outputs (mono, DC-coupled = can play CV signals) [-5V to +5V]
    ● 1 audio mix output (unplugged audio outputs are normalled to "mix" with volume control)
    ● 1 midi thru (for Rample chaining, jack to jack cable included)

    User interface

    ● 4 high-quality potentiometers for playing with effects and parameters
    ● 6 push buttons
    ● menu clickable encoder
    ● red matrix screen
    ● microSD card slot to read your kits and upgrade the OS (SD card included)

    More information - Squarp Instruments

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