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Model 12

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    Fysieke winkels in Riga en Rotterdam
    Internationale verzending
    Exclusief productassortiment
    Beschrijving Model 12

    Tascam Model 12 is a compact all-in-one integrated mixing and recording suite designed for music and multimedia creators, songwriters and performers. It consists of a 10-input mixer, a 12-track version of the highly acclaimed Tascam multi-track audio recorder, USB audio interface, MIDI connectivity, DAW control functions, and unique podcasting capability including mix-minus and smartphone input.

    Combining the feel of an analogue user interface with the efficient workflow and pristine quality associated with digital recording and production, the compact and affordable Model 12 supports your creative process from start to finish.

    Features at a glance

    • 10-channel mixer with built-in 12-track recorder and USB audio interface

    Mixer features

    • Ten analogue inputs on six mono and two stereo channels
      • Eight mono mic inputs on XLR connectors with switchable phantom power (48 V)
      • Ultra-HDDA microphone preamps on inputs 1–6
      • Eight channels can be used with high-impedance instruments like electric guitars/basses
      • Ten balanced line inputs (six mono, two stereo)
      • Multi-purpose stereo channel for input from mobile devices via Bluetooth or TRRS smartphone connector (CH 9/10)
      • Inserts on input channels 1 and 2
      • Mix-minus function on smartphone mini-jack input
    • Two Aux outputs (monitor, effects) and two stereo outputs with independent master faders (Main, Sub)
    • Monitoring can be selected between PFL (pre-fader), AFL (after-fader) and SIP (solo-in-place)
    • Dedicated click output with tap tempo feature
    • One-knob compressor for all input channels
    • Three-band equalizer with sweepable mids for all input channels
    • Switchable low-cut filter (100 Hz) on each channel
    • Semi-parametric EQ with sweepable mid band for aux or main outputs
    • Built-in Bluetooth receiver for wireless playback
    • On-board effects processor
      • 16 effects types
      • Can be used on all input channels, aux busses, sub and main stereo bus
      • Can be turned on/off by an optional footswitch (Tascam RC-1F)
    • Compact 60-mm faders
    • 12-segment LED output level meters
    • XLR balanced outputs for main stereo bus
    • TRS balanced outputs for sub and aux outputs
    • Two headphones outputs with separate level controls

    Recorder features

    • Tascam multi-track recording engine, uses SD cards as storage media (up to 512 GB)
    • Up to 12 tracks (10 input channels + stereo mix) can be recorded without the need for a computer
    • Recording/playback format: Linear PCM (WAV format, 44.1/48 kHz, 16/24 Bit)
    • Overdubbing, punch in/out recording
    • Multi-track playback for advanced live performance
    • Illuminated Play/Record/Stop buttons for better legibility in poorly lit environments

    Audio interface features

    • USB audio interface for use with Windows (ASIO) and Mac (Core Audio) computers
    • Transfer to computer: 12 channels (all 10 inputs + stereo mix)
    • Transfer from computer: 10 channels, assignable to each channel input
    • Audio resolution 44.1/48 kHz, 16/24 bit
    • USB MIDI interface function
    • Simple DAW control support via HUI/MCU protocol emulation
      • Avid Pro Tools
      • Apple Logic Pro
      • MOTU Digital Performer
      • Steinberg Cubase
      • Ableton Live
      • Cakewalk by BandLab
      • PreSonus Studio One (since firmware v1.30)
      • Cockos Reaper (since firmware v1.30)
      • Steinberg Cubasis 3.3 (since firmware v1.30)

    Other features

    • MIDI input and output
    • Support for MIDI timecode (MTC) and MIDI clock output with song position pointer (SPP)
    • Simple and quick menu operation with multi-jog dial

    New in firmware version 1.10

    • Vamp playback allows to automatically or manually repeat up to ten previously marked intervals per song
    • Metronome tempo can now also be changed with an audible click
    • Three volume options available for the accented note of the metronome click
    • New sound pattern with four bars for the count-in

    New in firmware version 1.20

    • Adjustable time delay for the output signal
      • Allows to compensate for a time offset between image and sound signal, which can occur, for example, during live streaming to the Internet
      • As a result, image and sound reach the audience synchronously
      • In addition to the signal output via USB, the signal from the output connectors can also be delayed (for monitoring or in conjunction with a hardware encoder such as the Tascam VS-R264 or VS-R265)
      • Setting range: 1–2000 milliseconds in steps of 1 ms or 100 ms

    New in firmware version 1.30

    • Additional DAW software that can be controlled using HUI/MCU protocol (see above)
    • In addition to the post-fader master signal, the pre-fader master signal can be selected for monitoring by headphones. As a result, the master signal can still be monitored when the main channel is muted
    • The SUB and MAIN output levels can each be attenuated by up to 40 dB, to allow small speakers to be used for monitoring without overloading their inputs.

    New in firmware version 1.40

    • USB returns 1 and 2 are no longer fixed to mixer inputs 1-2, but can now also be assigned to mixer inputs 9 and 10 or to the stereo master.
    • A normalisation function now makes it possible to recalculate the level of audio tracks and mixes. The target value for the maximum level is selectable between 0 dB and –20 dB.
    • Input signals can now be amplified by an additional 6 or 12 dB (Gain Boost).


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