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Torso Electronics


Op voorraadIn productie, aankomstdatum: juni/july.
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    Beschrijving S-4

    S-4 sculpting sampler

     The S-4 is a sculpting sampler designed to capture and transform sounds. Merging
    tape-era workflows with cutting-edge technology, the S-4 redefines sound mangling by
    providing a futuristic platform for crafting unique soundscapes and compositions,
    using samples and real-time audio processing.
     S-4 is a tool made for sonic explorers. It has four parallel stereo tracks, each with an
    audio engine featuring a chain of audio devices including samplers, live granular
    processing, morphing resonators, and a range of audio effects. A novel modulation
    system allows anything and everything to be modulated with 4 modulators per track.

    Capture sounds on the fly with the onboard microphone and stereo line.


    Audio engine

    - 4 parallel stereo audio tracks
    - Tape player with live looping capabilities
    - Polyphonic sample player
    - Live granular processing with time-warping and pitch-shifting algorithms
    - Morphing resonator (48-band filter bank)
    - Bit crushing, drive, and compression
    - Combined reverb and delay with pitch-shifting and shimmer


    - 4 modulators per track
    - Modulate any parameter of the audio engine
    - Modulator types:
    - Complex LFOs
    - Generative sequencing tools
    - Envelopes


    - Quad-core 1.5 GHz processor
    - 4 GB flash memory (sample pool)
    - 24-bit / 48 kHz stereo audio in and out


    - 2 line-inputs
    - 2 line-outputs
    - Built-in microphone
    - Stereo headphone output
    - MIDI in/out
    - Analog sync in/out
    - USB-C


    - WiFi - Ableton Link
    - Class-compliant USB audio interface
    - Expandable number of inputs/outputs with class-compliant USB interfaces

    User interface

    - High-resolution LCD color display, 3.5 inch
    - 21 tactile RGB buttons
    - 9 high-quality endless encoders


    - Matte black aluminum casing
    - Dimensions: 242 x 156 x 39 mm (9.5” x 6.1” x 1.5”)
    - Weight: 820g (1.8 lbs)

    Available for pre-orders, arrival date: March!

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