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Universal Audio

SD-7 Dynamic Microphone with Hemisphere

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    Beschrijving SD-7 Dynamic Microphone with Hemisphere
    Product Name       
    Universal Audio SD-7 Dynamic Microphone with Hemisphere Modeling
    Universal Audio’s SD-7 is a hypercardioid dynamic microphone for drums and instruments featuring Hemisphere mic modeling technology, high SPL tolerance, and included accessories. 
    Product Copy
    Capture toms and instruments with legendary clarity.
    Easily capture tom drums, guitar cabs, horns, and more with natural open tone. A classic dynamic mic with high SPL handling, hypercardioid polar pattern, and best-in-class Hemisphere mic modeling — SD-7 gives you pro sound with precision, in any environment. 
    Key Benefits
    ●      Get studio-quality instrument recordings with a UA-designed dynamic modeling microphone
    ●      Harness the authentic sound of the most popular microphones ever made with Hemisphere mic modeling technology
    ●      Get precise results in any environment, from pro rooms and home studios to stages
    ●      Find your perfect sound with ease using filter, proximity, and axis controls
    Record Through Five Famous Instrument Mics
    SD-7 is powered by the same mic modeling technology found in Universal Audio’s award-winning UA Sphere microphones. With the included Hemisphere Mic Collection, it’s the only dynamic modeling mic that gives you the authentic sound of famous dynamics from Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic.*
    A Modeling Mic That Works for You
    SD-7 and the included Hemisphere Mic Collection plug-in work with or without UA hardware, and go way beyond subtle EQ curves to give you precise control over filter, proximity, and axis — an industry first. Just set up SD-7 and use the plug-in to quickly find that “sweet spot” for a guitar amp, or make horns pop through the mix. 
    Discover Your Best Sounds 
    From a rowdy stage to a quiet studio, SD-7’s ultra-high SPL capability makes it a perfect choice for loud, transient-rich sources. And thanks to its hypercardioid polar pattern, you're able to back the mic away for added "air" without sacrificing isolation. 
    Add a Pro Mic with Vintage Style 
    With rugged all-metal construction, cool retro look, and hand-selected capsules, SD-7 gives you a trusted companion, reliably capturing your sources for a lifetime of professional performance.
    Included Hemisphere Mic Models
    Based on a modern 421, which has a slightly brighter and harder sound than earlier iterations — this is likely the most famous tom mic of all time, and is also no slouch on kick drum or brass instruments.
    Based on a rare early 421 with script logo, this model has slightly more vintage character, making it useful for warming up your guitar amplifiers, drums, or even vocals.
    This model is based on a vintage 1960’s ribbon microphone with rich mid-forward character — notably used on famous rock recordings, from Jimi Hendrix’s screaming guitar amp to a pair used to record drums for "When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin.**
    Based on the earliest version in the 409 line of microphones. This vintage version has slightly more coloration than current production models, making it useful on a variety of sources including electric guitar and vocals. Notable uses of the 409 include vocals for Pink Floyd's Live at Pompeii concert video.**
    The classic 441 has been used on countless records, from Fleetwood Mac and Tom Petty to Tame Impala. Many engineers and artists have relied on this model for its balanced and natural sound on vocals, snare drums, and guitar amps.**
    Key Benefits
    ●      Hypercardioid dynamic microphone for toms, guitar and bass amps, horns, and percussion instruments
    ●      Hemisphere mic modeling gives you the sounds of iconic dynamic and ribbon mics from Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic*
    ●      Hypercardioid polar pattern rejects off-axis sounds 
    ●      Hand-selected dynamic capsules to handle extreme SPL 
    ●      Includes integrated standmount and storage pouch
    ●      Rugged all-metal construction and stylish UA craftsmanship 
     | Microphone Type | Dynamic
    Polar Pattern | Hypercardioid
    Frequency Range | 30 Hz - 17 kHz
    Sensitivity | -54 dB
    Output Impedance | 600 Ohms
    Connector | 3-Pin XLRM
    Included Accessory | Integrated standmount w/ angle adjustment, "⅝" to ⅜" thread adapter, storage pouch
    Dimensions | 4.47" (113.5 mm) length, 1.97” (50 mm) width, 3.84” (97.5 mm) height
    Weight | 1.05 lbs (475 g)
    *Hemisphere plug-in available upon product registration. All trademarks are property of their respective owners and used only to represent the microphones and sound treatment modeled as part of the Hemisphere software.
    **Use of artist names does not constitute official endorsement of SD-7 Dynamic Microphone with Hemisphere Modeling.
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