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Universal Audio

Flow Vintage Tremolo

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    Fysieke winkels in Riga en Rotterdam
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    Beschrijving Flow Vintage Tremolo

    Evolved from our flagship Astra Modulation Machine, Flow Vintage Tremolo gives you three flavors of tube-driven wiggle and shake — from old school to modern — in a dapper, compact package.

    • Get three stunning emulations of legendary tube amp tremolo effects, from opto to harmonic
    • Explore rich, authentic tones and effects with perfectly emulated tube preamp section
    • Sync your trem with tap tempo and add boost effects with Volume control
    • Rely on timeless UA craftsmanship, built for years of rock-solid performance

    Dharma: Experience Thick Harmonic Tremolo
    Immerse yourself in the chewy throb of early '60s American "brown" amps, and add a syrupy mix of volume fluctuation and phase shifting — far beyond the original circuit — that's perfect for vintage soul, surf, and even Uni-Vibe textures.*

    65: Indulge in Perfect Tube Amp Tremolo
    Play through an exhaustive end-to-end emulation of a classic 1965 American tube amp's optical tremolo circuit, and get the pulsating shimmer of the most famous "vibrato" ever created. Sounds just like your favorite old record.

    Square: Add Modern, Choppy Textures
    Built from the ground up using our own virtual optical photocell, get the rippling beauty of square waveforms and dive into rhythmic trem effects that enhance any genre, from modern pop and R&B to blues and indie rock.

    Get the Authentic Tone of a Tube Preamp
    Flow gives you the warm, complex sounds of a tube preamp — in this case from early and mid-'60s American combos — so your tremolo effects are more present, three-dimensional, and musical.

    Paint the Town with a Rugged, Compact Stompbox
    Built for years of trustworthy performance, Flow Vintage Tremolo gives you switchable true/trails bypass, tap tempo, and "make up gain" Volume control to ensure your tremolo effects are heard loud and proud for years to come.



    Authentic emulations of three tube-driven tremolo effects, captured in a compact stompbox

    Perfectly captured tube preamp for fat, three-dimensional tremolo tones

    Three tremolo modes: Dharma (harmonic tremolo), 65 (round, sine wave), and Square (choppier, square wave)

    Onboard tap tempo for syncing trem effects

    Volume control and true/buffered bypass

    Timeless UA design and craftsmanship, built for decades of dependable performance

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