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    Beschrijving WA-47F


    A Secret Weapon Of Pro Studios

    The WA-47F is a faithful recreation of a high-SPL, low-noise classic celebrated as a 'secret weapon' across world-class studios. The original '47-style FET was released in 1969 and gained massive popularity inside recording studios for its ability to handle fast transients with exceptional detail. Compared to popular tube microphones, the WA-47F has a more pristine top end and a tighter, more controllable bass response. Famous artists such as Dave Grohl and Daft Punk used the original 47FET on kick drums, inspiring generations of drummers and engineers. For vocals, legends like David Lee Roth and Michael Stipe used the original to create some of the most beloved music of all time. The WA-47F shares the same sonic profile as that original microphone, making the WA-47F a studio workhorse that will quickly become a go-to mic in your locker.

    Full Volume. Powerful Detail. No Compromise

    Like all Warm Audio microphones, the WA-47F is a no-nonsense studio tool with premium components and elite build quality. Like the originals, the WA-47F takes the sound of the WA-47 tube mic and swaps the valve for solid-state FETs, meaning there’s no compromise between capturing rich midrange, detailed bass, and handling very loud sources. At its core, the WA-47F uses a premium reproduction of the vintage K47-style capsule found in the original microphone for ultra-wide frequency response and detail. The WA-47F uses a single backplate, cardioid-only version of the same capsule used in our award-winning WA-47 tube microphone. The capsule is joined by a custom TAB-Funkenwerk USA Output Transformer that drives the punchy, powerful sound captured by this capsule. The WA-47F pairs premium Fairchild FETs with polystyrene & Wima capacitors and the AMI output transformer, giving the WA-47F the ideal frequency response to capture extra detail and depth. The -10dB pad gives you extra headroom for those loud sources that you need to keep loud. When you need to eliminate unwanted bass frequencies on sources like lead vocals or electric guitar cabs, engage the included 140 Hz low-cut filter to save yourself from unnecessary post-EQ. Our meticulous R&D process allowed us to dial in a true-to-original output level and frequency response that matches the performance expectations of world-class audio engineers and recording facilities.

    Studio Workhorse

    Like the original, the WA-47F’s custom-tuned frequency response captures huge kick drum sounds, punchy guitar & bass cabs, and adds a pristine edge to solo vocals that need to stand out.

    Premium Components - Elite Build Quality - Superior Sound


    WA-47-B-50v Capsule

    The WA-47-B-50v capsule is a true reproduction of the single-backplate K47-style capsule found in the original 47Fet mic. This capsule captures incredible detail across the 20Hz-19kHz frequency response. With a unique gradual climb in the mids and slight scoop in the high end, the capsule inside the WA-47F will quickly make this a favorite mic for any source that demands critical detail and pleasing high end at louder volumes.

    AMI USA-Made Output Transformer

    The history of TAB-Funkenwerk (AMI) transformers goes all the way back to the founding of the most sought-after German analog audio innovations. The TAB (AMI) transformer in the WA-47F is American-made and built to exacting standards as designed by Oliver Archut. The sweet sonic character of the WA-47F would not be possible without the amazing, historically-correct transformer supplied by TAB-Funkenwerk.

    Fairchild Transistors & Premium Capacitors

    The WA-47F uses premium Fairchild FETs - the same component found in the most exacting and expensive reissues. The polystyrene and premium WIMA capacitors in the WA-47F provide the excellent signal conversion that this circuit demands.

    Authentic Appearance & Elite Build Quality

    The WA-47F is encased in an ultra-durable nickel-plated brass body with an updated headbasket shape adding additional space around the capsule. Every single WA-47F is meticulously hand-inspected at Warm HQ in Austin,TX by real musicians and engineers with a passion for superior sound.

    Technical Specifications

    • Gold Sputtered, Large Diaphragm, Single Backplate, K47 Style Capsule

    • Custom TAB-Funkenwerk (AMI) USA Output Transformer

    • Premium Fairchild Transistors

    • Wima And Polystyrene Capacitors

    • Polar Pattern: Cardioid

    • Max SPL: 137dB, 147dB With 10dB Pad Engaged

    • Frequency Response: 20Hz-19kHz

    • Output Impedance: 150 Ohms

    • Rated Load Impedance: >1kOhms

    • Pads And Filters: -10dB Pad, 140 Hz Low-Cut Filter

    • Signal-To-Noise Ratio (+ Weighted): 69 DB, 76 DB-A

    • EIN / Self-noise (+ weighted): 25dB, 18 dB-A

    • Total Weight: 3.5lbs, Mic Only: 2lbs

    • Mic Dimensions: 8” X 2.75” (20.3cm X 7cm)

    • Included Accessories: Premium Wood Box & Hard Mount


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