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Kali Audio


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    Beschrijving WS-6.2

    Project Watts

    The WS-6.2 is a studio subwoofer with two 6.5-Inch horizontally opposed woofers. Taking up less than half the space of comparably performing subwoofers, it is ideal for stereo mix setups where space is at a premium.

    The WS-6.2 is tailor made to be a companion sub to Kali’s LP-Series and IN-Series monitors, but it will also integrate well with just about any pair of studio monitors.


    Small Size, Huge Sound

    The WS-6.2 is only slightly larger than an 8-inch studio monitor, making it the perfect choice to sit under your desk, or in other tight spaces. The horizontally opposed woofers in the WS-6.2 present as much radiating area as a 10-Inch woofer, but in a much smaller package.

    As an added benefit, the configuration of the woofers cancels out net vibration, so the sub won’t scoot, buzz, or rattle, even at high SPLs.

    With 120 dB max SPL, the WS-6.2 will be more than sufficient for most stereo setups, and will work well in small multichannel setups as well. If more SPL is needed, a second WS-6.2 can be added without taking up very much space. You can also look at using our larger WS-12 subwoofer.



    Powered: Yes
    Amp Class: D
    Continuous Power: 400W
    Peak Power: 1000W
    Driver Complement: 2 x 6.5-Inch High Excursion Woofers
    Freq Response: (-10 dB): 27 Hz - 200 Hz
    Freq Range: (+/-3 dB): 31.5 Hz - 180 Hz
    Recommended Listening Distance: Up to 4 meters
    Max SPL: 120 dB
    System THD: <2% (90 dB SPL @1m)
    Unbalanced Inputs: Stereo RCA (-10 dBV)
    Balanced Inputs: Stereo XLR/TRS Combijack (+4 dBu)
    Balanced Outputs: XLR
    Other Inputs/Outputs: 1/4-Inch Footswitch for Sub Bypass (Sold Sep.)
    Enclosure: Front-ported, side-firing woofers
    Product Height: 14.5 Inches (40 cm)
    Product Width: 12.2 Inches (36.8 cm)
    Product Depth: 11 Inches (27.9 cm)
    Product Weight: 31 Lbs (14 kg)


    More info: WS-6.2

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