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    Expert Advice and Test Gear
    Physical Stores In Riga and Rotterdam
    Always welcome!
    Beschrijving H6

    • Records for up to 20 hours on just four alkaline or rechargeable NiMH AA batteries
    • USB bus power provides excellent alternative power options with or without a computer
    • Captures audio directly to SD card media up to 128GB for extended tracking sessions
    • Track professional Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) multitrack audio at up to 24-bit/96kHz
    • Record high-quality MP3s at up to 320kbps for extremely long recording applications
    • Offers full 6-in/2-out USB recording to your Mac, Windows PC, or iPad
    • Onboard compression, limiting, and filtering available when connected
    • Direct monitoring provides zero-latency recording capabilities
    • Loop Back mode lets you record USB and external inputs together
    • Includes a copy of Steinberg’s Cubase LE DAW software
    • Standard compression and limiting provide studio polish and prevent overloading
    • Advanced compression modes smooth out vocals and punch up drums
    • Additional limiter settings are ideal for live concert or small-room recording
    • Highpass (low-cut) filter lets you tame wind and handling noise at the source
    • Handy metronome and chromatic tuner with guitar and bass settings onboard
    • Pre-record function provides a buffer that keeps you from missing once-in-a-lifetime recordings
    • Continuous 2-second buffer lets you capture precious moments before you hit record
    • Backup-record prevents unexpected audio spikes from clipping your inputs and trashing your takes
    • Simultaneously records a second -12dB stereo track to provide a backup in case your original track distorts
    • Auto-record function starts recording as soon as the input crosses a certain volume threshold
    • Four onboard combo jacks provide microphone- and line-level input on XLR or 1/4″ connections
    • Independent volume controls and switchable -20dB pads provide hands-on control over your levels
    • Up to two additional inputs available via swappable capsules (check out our Zoom Capsule Buying Guide)
    • Headphone and line-level outputs provide stereo sound for monitoring and playback
    • Review your recordings without external gear via the onboard monophonic speaker

      More information you can find here: Zoom H6
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