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    Description MiniMod DH-ADSR

    The MiniMod DH-ADSR Envelope Generator -  is a compact 10hp wide Eurorack format module. It has been developed to offer a full ADSR envelope for the MiniMod system and of course other Eurorack synthesisers, as an alternative to the original Model D style contour generators which do not have separate Decay and Release controls.

    The DH-ADSR uses exactly the same discrete transistor circuitry as the original Model D contour generators, so it retains all of the "punchiness" of the original, along with it's unique multiple key trigger behaviour; we have simply added a Release control so that it now offers a true ADSR envelope, and the Decay and Release curves can be individually controlled.

    But we have included three exciting new features too:

    Delay-Hold Mode which can generate very complex envelopes when mixed with another regular envelope generator output.

    Retrigger mode which allows automatic re-triggering of the envelope, the Pre-Delay control sets the "hold off" time between individual retriggers, and the Hold control sets the gate length, so it can produce repeating ADSR envelopes, this has a very wide range and even be used as an LFO.

    Slow mode, this switches the envelope down to 1/5th of regular speed, so slow, evolving envelopes are now possible too.

    The DH-ADSR module In Depth

    We have developed this module in response to requests from several existing MiniMod customers, they really wanted to have full ADSR envelopes but still retain the Model D envelope characteristics, particularly its punchy attack and unique multiple key trigger behaviour. So that is exactly what we have done, again we have used exactly the same discrete transistor circuitry and internal voltages as the original vintage Model D and our own MiniMod Contour Generator. The changes needed to modify it from the original ADS envelope into full ADSR are transparent to the circuitry itself, so all of the wonderful Model D character and eccentricities are retained. However we couldn't just stop there, we just had to add some additional, very useful extra features too!


    More information you can find here: AJH MiniMod DH-ADSR

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