Tabletop synthesizers, compact electronic instruments tailored for streamlined performance, offer a distinctive approach to sound synthesis. Defined by their space-efficient design, these synthesizers provide a compact solution suitable for both studio setups and on-the-go music creation. Leading brands like Moog, Elektron, and Korg specialize in crafting tabletop synthesizers, each with unique features and capabilities, catering to musicians seeking a versatile and efficient tool.


Despite their compact size, tabletop synthesizers maintain a robust set of controls, ensuring an intuitive user experience for manipulating various parameters like oscillators, filters, envelopes, and modulation sources with precision. The tactile nature of these controls allows both novices and experienced users to seamlessly delve into sound design.


Tabletop synthesizers excel in their diverse sound generation capabilities. With a variety of oscillators, filter types, and modulation options, these instruments empower musicians to explore a vast sonic landscape. Whether crafting classic analog tonalities or experimenting with modern digital textures, tabletop synthesizers provide a versatile platform for sonic experimentation, making them indispensable tools for musicians looking to push the boundaries of electronic music production.

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Moog Subsequent 37 (few units available)



Erica Synths SYNTRX 2 + Free Decksaver

Erica Synths

SYNTRX 2 + Free Decksaver

€2.199,00 €1.899,00
Moog Matriarch



€2.499,00 €1.999,00
Sequential X8M Module


X8M Module

€3.999,00 €3.799,00
Moog One 16-Voice


One 16-Voice

€13.999,00 €10.199,00
Teenage Engineering OP-1 field

Teenage Engineering

OP-1 field

€2.100,00 €1.859,00
Sequential Trigon 6 Module


Trigon 6 Module

€2.899,00 €2.449,00
Elektron Analog Rytm MK2


Analog Rytm MK2

€1.899,00 €1.619,00
Korg ARP Odyssey FS Rev3 – Black/Orange
Erica Synths Trinity Bundle - LIMITED

Erica Synths

Trinity Bundle - LIMITED

€1.750,00 €1.650,00
Moog Mother-32



€827,00 €639,00
Sequential OB 6 Module


OB 6 Module

€3.059,00 €2.399,00
Sequential Rev2 8-v Module


Rev2 8-v Module

€2.099,00 €1.750,00
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