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    Description Beatstep

    The chameleon controllerand sequencer

    Arturia’s BeatStep: a degree of functionality and performance never seen before in a portable pad controller.

    BeatStep is highly versatile, capable of triggering clips in applications like Ableton Live, playing drums with BFD or EZDrummer, or tweaking synth parameters. Or doing all of those at once!

    BeatStep is also a 16-step analog sequencer, and it’s like a force of nature when it comes to creating interesting musical phrases for analog synthesizers, MIDI drum machines, keyboards and DAWs.

    Main Features

    16 backlit pads

    • Red = Control mode
    • Blue = SEQ mode
    • Velocity - and pressure-sensitive

    16 assignable encoders with 2 modes

    • MIDI CC
    • NRPN/RPN

    Transport controls

    • Send MIDI clock with Start/Stop (internal sync)
    • Send MMC Play and Stop messages

    Data Encoder

    • Volume MIDI CC#7 – Control Mode
    • Rate – in Sequence mode
    • Sequence Transpose – SHIFT + Data Encoder

    Kensington Lock port

    16 user presets

    Multiple pad modes

    • Note data
    • MIDI CC data
    • Program Change with Bank Select

    More information you can find here: ARTURIA Beatstep

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