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Triggerpad *Available from Spring

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    Description Triggerpad *Available from Spring

    Give your unused USB MIDI controllers a second life and use them as sequencers for your Eurorack system!

    The Triggerpad turns USB Midi controllers with an 8x8 grid into a trigger/gate sequencer. The controller is connected to the module via a USB cable and offers the ability to create and save patterns. The step length can be set individually for each channel from 1-64. This makes it possible to create polyrythmic sequences.

    For a deeper understanding of the workflow, we suggest you watch the video linked below.

    Available from spring 2024!


    • 8 channels (start/stop individually)
    • 1 to 64 steps pattern length (per channel)
    • 8 substeps per step (128th notes)
    • 7 levels of velocity of the trigger pulses (0-10V)
    • 250us – 1 step adjustable trigger/gate length
    • Session mode: record patterns quantized to substeps or 16th notes
    • Program sequences in step sequencer mode
    • Global and per channel shuffle
    • Program shuffle patterns: define which steps will be shuffled
    • Switch between patterns instantly or chain up to 64 patterns
    • Set the BPM from 0.5 to 400
    • Set clock divider and clock multiplier on clock input and output
    • No deep menu diving, tailored for live performance
    • Store and recall 64 snapshots of all 64 scenes on USB drives
    • Firmware updates possible via USB port on the rear panel

    Inputs and outputs:

    • 8 dynamic trigger/gate outputs (0-10V)
    • USB MIDI Host
    • Clock in
    • Clock out
    • Reset in
    • Reset out


    • Launchpad Pro Mk3
    • Launchpad X
    • Launchpad Mini Mk3
    • Launchpad Mini Mk2
    • Launchpad Pro
    • Launchpad Mk2
    • Launchpad S
    • APC Mini Mk1
    • APC Mini Mk2

    Power consumption: 120mA at +12V and 20mA at -12V (without USB MIDI controller connected)

    USB MIDI controller draws additional up to 150 mA at +12 V

    Depth: 39mm

    6 HP
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