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Analog Rytm MK2

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    Description Analog Rytm MK2

    Musicians and music producers in search of a high-quality hybrid analog drum machine with sampling capabilities should look no further than the Elektron Analog Rytm MKII an eight-voice analog drum computer and sampler that marries the sounds and sensibilities of analog-generated sounds with digital samples. Each voice accesses dedicated analog circuits, fine-tuned for generating specific analog drum sounds. For additional flexibility, each voice can also be combined with customizable samples. Multiple tools are available for shaping the sound, with every voice having its own analog multimode filter and analog distortion circuit. Reverb and delay send effects add additional shaping possibilities, and an analog compressor and analog distortion on the master channel apply the requisite vibe to the final output. The twelve backlit velocity- and pressure-sensitive drum pads provide a quick way of creating rhythms without stifling spontaneity. The built-in step sequencer allows for manipulating sounds on a per-step basis.

    The MKII offers several enhancements including sampling capabilities, an OLED screen, durable backlit buttons (rated for 50 million presses), precision encoders, quick performance controls, large pads, an increased number of dedicated buttons, expression/CV inputs, balanced sampling inputs, Overbridge with higher bandwidth, and a premium cast-aluminum enclosure. With the balanced inputs, you can now sample directly into the instrument, while the OLED display offers crisp, clear viewing in low-light conditions. Additional buttons have been added to the interface to enable a faster workflow.

    Key Features

    • Sampling Capability with Balanced Inputs
    • Analog and Sample Sound Generation
    • 12 Velocity- and Pressure-Sensitive Pads
    • Master Compressor and Distortion
    • Delay and Reverb Send FX
    • Step Sequencer + OLED Display
    • Performance-Oriented Beat Control
    • Individual Voice Outputs
    • Expression and CV Inputs
    • Overbridge-Enabled
    • Fully analog signal path
    • 1 × specialized analog percussion sound generator
    • 1 × sample playback engine
    • 1 × analog overdrive circuit
    • 1 × 2-pole analog multimode filter
    • 1 × panning VCA pair
    • 1 × filter envelope
    • 1 × amp envelope
    • 2 × individual effect sends
    • 1 × assignable LFO
    • 1 × dedicated LFO fade envelope


    • 128 projects (+Drive)
    • 128 kits per project
    • 128 patterns per project
    • 16 songs per Project
    • 4096 sounds (+Drive sound library)
    • 128 sounds per project
    • 127 samples per project
    • 1GB +Drive sample storage


    More information - Elektron

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