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Octatrack MK2 Black

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    Description Octatrack MK2 Black

    Bend Space and Time with the Octatrack MKII

    Producers, remix artists, DJs, and performing musicians looking for the ultimate performance sampler will be thrilled with the black Elektron Octatrack MKII, a powerful dynamic performance sampler that's designed to deliver flexible sampling, loop manipulation, effects processing, and pattern sequencing. The unit reads samples from a compact flash card or USB 2.0 device, and features up to 80MB of internal RAM. There are 4 audio inputs for sampling or processing audio from external devices and instruments.

    More Than a Sampler
    • The Octatrack MKII redefines how you transform your sounds, as well as how you interact and play with them. It is a stereo sampler, processor, and live looper with a powerful sequencer and workstation workflow on top. Choose between several custom machines—static, flex, thru, neighbor, and pickup—to suit your sample recording, manipulation, and effects processing needs for each of the eight tracks.
    • Whether you use only a few aspects of its capabilities such as sample crafting, slicing, effects, and playback – or gradually include its connectivity and control for a deeper and more comprehensive composition – the Octatrack will sit confidently as the central hub of your musical world.

    Key Features

    • Crisp OLED Screen
    • More Dedicated Buttons for Fast Editing
    • Sampler and Sequencer with 8 Tracks
    • Sample-Tempo Syncing
    • Sample Pitch Scaling and Manipulation
    • Internal FX Engine and Step Sequencing
    • Assignable Contactless Crossfader
    • Internal Flex RAM: 80MB per Project
    • USB 2.0 and Compact Flash Card Reader
    • Loopmaster Samples on 16GB Flash Card

    More information - Elektron

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