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Alpha 50 Evo

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    Beschrijving Alpha 50 Evo

    The Focal Alpha 50 Evo Monitor is all about one thing: giving any engineer access to a stellar sound at a relatively wallet-friendly price point. With its bass-reflex rounded cabinet, versatile filtering, clean class-D amplification, and its bevy of connection points, this monitor can suit a wide variety of mixing rooms, giving mixing and post-production engineers a sound they can rely upon.

    Between its frequency range of 45 Hz to 22 kHz, the monitor is neutral and accurate. You can drive it with unbalanced or balanced audio and adjust the sensitivity to match. Mount it against the wall or on the wall itself for multichannel immersive audio formats. An IEC power cable is included, as is a protective grille for the woofer.

    Excellent Dynamics, Balanced Sound

    Stocked with Focal's exclusive, French-manufactured Slatefiber woofer, the Focal 50 EVO provides an excellent presentation of dynamic range. You'll also notice that the speakers are quite balanced. You'll get the same sonic picture throughout your monitoring environment, not just in the sweetspot. And, the monitors have been engineered to give you the same frequency balance at any loudness.

    Key Features

    • Accurate Monitor for Working Engineers
    • Multiple Types of Analog Inputs
    • 45 Hz to 22 kHz Frequency Response
    • Identical Balance at Low & High Loudness
    • Wide Dispersion for Wide Sweet-Spot
    • Adjustable EQ for Room Positioning
    • 50W Class-D Power
    • Monitor on Mount or Wall
    • For Stereo or Immersive Formats
    • IEC Cable and Protective Grill Included

    More information - Focal

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