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    Beschrijving 0-CTRL

    Make Noise's 0-CTRL is a standalone touch controller and sequencer designed to make a perfect companion to their 0-Coast semi-modular synthesizer.

    Clearly a new extension of principles laid out in their own Pressure Points and Brains, the 0-CTRL is the newest controller following of the legacy of Buchla's early capacitive touch plate controllers and Serge's classic TKB keyboard/sequencer. Offering hands-on control for desktop semi-modular synths and Eurorack signal compatibility, the 0-CTRL is an exciting step from Make Noise further into the realm of standalone device design.

    The most obvious addition? The 0-CTRL has its own internal voltage-controllable clock generator. This means the 0-CTRL can act as its own standalone sequencing device, without the need for an external clock to drive it. The bottom row of tunable knobs is normalled to the Time CV input, making it easy to create sequences with different durations for every stage.

    The 0-CTRL is an amazing choice for a standalone CV controller. It's completely analog, making it easy to see at a moment's notice what it is doing. It features clever internal normalled connections that allow for easy control of a host of parameters for the creation of uncommonly dynamic, flexible, and even wonky sequences—so whether you're trying to make straightforward, beat-centric music or soundscapes that embrace unpredictability, the 0-CTRL might be perfect for you.

    Pair with an 0-Coast for a modern take on the Buchla Music Easel, or add to any semi-modular or modular synth to add a new edge of hands-on control. In any of these situations, the 0-CTRL is an ideal way to add more interaction into your own pieces and performances.


    • Desktop touch controller/sequencer perfect for use with desktop semi-modular synths, such as Make Noise's own 0-Coast
    • Produces Eurorack-compatible signal levels, making it a great addition to any modular rig
    • Three tunable CV outputs per touch plate/sequencer stage
    • Internal clock generator
    • Gate outputs per step
    • Internal variable gate and envelope generator for dynamic articulation control
    • Dedicated outputs for touch gate and finger pressure
    • Normalled connections from bottom sequencer rows to clock rate and gate/envelope "strength"
    • Gate control of sequence direction, reset, stop/start
    • Dedicated touch plates for activating/deactivating internal gate, toggling sequence interrupt behavior on keys, and sequence direction
    • External clock input for syncing to external devices
    • Includes patch cables to get you started!

    More information - Make Noise Music

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