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Make Noise


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    Beschrijving Strega

    A crucible of raw sonic material with a twist of mutable time, Make Noise's Strega is a chaotic semi-modular synthesizer experiment developed in collaboration with Alessandro Cortini. With a sound that evokes recordings like FORSEAVANTIVOLUME MASSIMO, and others, Strega is an experimental synthesis cauldron where filtering, oscillation, and time combine into an ever-evolving, swirling flux of massive, encompassing drones, distorted feedback, murky memories of the musical past, and delicate, distant tones shrouded in a mist of tape-like hiss.

    In objective terms, Strega is a standalone, semi-modular synthesizer with the same form factor as the 0-Coast and 0-CTRL. Unlike these instruments, though, Strega does not explicitly borrow inspiration from the techniques of West Coast synthesis. Instead, it surfaces a darker, wilder, and noisier sound, and presents a workflow that encourages experimentation and rewards careful listening and intentional sonic manipulation. It can function as a standalone drone machine, a synth voice to pair with your 0-CTRL, or even as a processor for external signals.

    "Strega," Italian for "witch," focuses on the raw building blocks of synthesis as ingredients in an alchemical experiment, turning standard synthesis structures like delays and oscillators into Activation Sources, Time / Filter Experiments, and mysterious symbols representing a hidden source of interference and chaos.


    • Standalone desktop semi-modular synthesizer in 0-Coast/0-CTRL format
    • Works entirely standalone, with external controllers, alongside a Eurorack system, or as a processor for external signals
    • Designed in close collaboration with Alessandro Cortini
    • Reimagines synthesis as a mysterious alchemical process
    • Great for drones, melodies, noisy delays, howling textures, and gestural chaos
    • Features an intricate normalled signal path, with the option to play either with or without patch cables
    • Touchplate interface for momentary signal routing and experimental modulation tactics
    • External input section with preamp and envelope follower
    • Internal signal generator/oscillator with Activation and Tones (a waveshaper-esque timbre control great for building heavy drones)
    • Internal oscillator tracks 1V/oct for pairing with external controllers or sequencers
    • Direct outputs for oscillator's main wave shapes
    • Agitation Function Generator provides LFO and envelope-like behavior, patchable throughout the instrument
    • Internal Interference generator allows for chaotic modulation throughout the system
    • Time / Filter Experiment: a delay / filter / noise generator that turns any sound into a swirling, murky abyss of distant churning and howling tones
    • Time, Absorb, Decay, and Filter controls alter the behavior of the delay line
    • CV control for all crucial parameters, including Wet/Dry blend from the Time / Filter Experiment
    • Modular-level and line-level/headphone outputs
    • Includes patch cable pack, output cable, and universal PSU
    • Includes power splitter cable to power Stega and a 0-CTRL or 0-Coast from a single adapter

    More information - Make Noise Music

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