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Make Noise


Op voorraad In productie, aankomstdatum: July/August.
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    Beschrijving QPAS

    What's an all-analog quad core processor?

    Excellent question—the Make Noise QPAS Quad Peak Animation System is a stereo filter that surpasses the realm of simple filtering into another dimension of pings, resonant sweeps, and otherworldly modulation. A worthy successor to the long-missed MMG, the QPAS is a Eurorack filter unlike any other.

    Filling an obvious gap in their already very complete lineup of modules, the QPAS sounds excellent as a simple filter: just plug in a saw or square wave, tweak the Freq and Q knobs, and bathe in the spectacularly squelchy glory. Much of the QPAS's magic, though, comes from three very special features: stereo operation, multimode output, and the Radiate parameter.

    First things first: the QPAS offers true stereo operation, and a host of niceties for mono-to-stereo and stereo-to-mono normalization—that is to say, one doesn't need exclusively stereo sources to make full use of the module's stereo capabilities. This brings us to the matter of the outputs—all eight of them (whoa). QPAS offers lowpass, bandpass, highpass, and Smile-Pass outputs for its left and right channels, enabling some truly complex sonic combinations and bizarre stereo trickery when utilizing different filter types at different positions in the stereo field. Oh geez though, what is Smile Pass?

    Smile Pass is an ever-so-special filter type that creates some really lovely notching effects in the output spectrum: it sounds not unlike a phaser when modulated, and unlike the other filter types keeps the overall amplitude of the output relatively constant. And it is aptly named—it definitely puts a smile on our faces, anyway.


    • Quad Peak Animation System: a quad peak stereo filter and resonator for Eurorack modular synthesizers
    • Inspired by Tony Rolando's time at Moog calibrating the peculiar Minimoog Voyager dual filter
    • Capable of creating formant vowels, resonant pings, and more
    • True stereo operation with mono-to-stereo and stereo-to-mono normalizations
    • Input VCA for automating level of signal introduced to the filter network
    • Typical filter controls fully intact: Frequency, Q, and associated CV inputs are front-and-center
    • True stereo outputs, with four filter types per output: Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, and Smile Pass
    • Smile Pass provides peculiar phaser-like effects while maintaining relatively constant output volume
    • Radiate controls and CV inputs control displacement of the individual peak frequencies from the base Freq setting
    • Radiate Left and Radiate Right controls operate independently for spectacular stereo effects and isolation of pairs of peaks
    • The ever-mysterious !!!! inputs provide unexplained, but spectacular-sounding effects from accents to explosions and inharmonic pseudo-aliasing crunch
    • Guaranteed to be awesome
    • CV inputs and appropriate attenuators for every parameter!

    More information - Make Noise Music

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