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Make Noise


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    Fysieke winkels in Riga en Rotterdam
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    Beschrijving STO

    The STO music synthesizer module is a compact Voltage Controlled Oscillator designed for generating SINE waves, Variable wave-SHAPEs, SUB-Octaves, Oscillator SYNC and Linear FM in the analog domain. The Sub-Timbral Oscillator is the more subtle and melodic friend to the DPO's complex harmonic lattice.

    The STO is Make Noise's classic VCO. It is similar to a single channel of the DPO, but with a few adjustments. It has three outputs, a dedicated Sine output, a square wave Suboctave output, and a waveshaped output, which morphs from a soft triangle to something in between a Triangle and Square wave. There are both Linear and Exponential FM inputs, as well as a Sync input. The Waveshaping circuit is also voltage controllable, providing timbral shifts without any filter. It tracks musically using the 1V/Oct input over 5 octaves. The Suboctave output is kept separate when the Sync input is used, so the suboctave has its own Sync input, S-Gate. For those wanting the sound of Make Noise without the price of a DPO, the STO is the perfect solution. 

    Width: 8hp


    • Compact Voltage Controlled Oscillator
    • Triangle Core with outputs for SINE, SUB and Variable SHAPE
    • Unique Variable SHAPE circuit ripples Even and Odd harmonics for subtle timbral shifts
    • Linear FM input with Depth control
    • EXPOnential input for deep FM, SYNC sweeps or Transposition of sequences
    • SUB-Oscillator yields max bass
    • S-Gate input for gating or sync of SUB-Osc. independent of other outputs
    • Hard SYNC circuit which combined with Linear FM and Variable SHAPE yields harmonically rich sounds
    • Pairs well with the MMG or Optomix

    More information - Make Noise Music

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