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Prophet-10 Module

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    Beschrijving Prophet-10 Module

    Renowned synth designer Dave Smith is back, and he’s brought with him the most powerful Prophet-10 yet! A reimagination of the iconic 10-voice polyphonic synth, the Prophet-10 Rev4 is packed with features from every iteration of the Prophet-10. It inherits its ultra-stable voltage-controlled oscillators from the Rev3 and provides you with a choice between the Rev1 and Rev2’s Rossum-designed filter or the Rev3’s Curtis-designed filter. A unique vintage knob even lets you choose from behavior characteristics of the earlier versions. With its knob-per-function architecture, the Prophet-10 never fails to inspire.  To get you started right out of the box, the Prophet-10 comes loaded with a stellar selection of factory presets, and it includes 200 user slots for storing your custom-made patches. Dave Smith and the folks at Sequential struck gold with the Prophet-10, a drool-worthy synth for analog aficionados!

    Crank up the vintage vibe

    While inspired by vintage Prophet-10s, this latest iteration boasts modern reliability and high-fidelity sonics. But what if you want to inject a little bit of old-school instability into your sound? No problem! The Prophet-10 features a nifty Vintage control knob that lets you alter the behavior according to its revision model. Keep it pristine or go back in time all the way to the rare and highly temperamental Rev1. Do you think part of the charm of vintage analog synths is their unpredictability? Then you’ll dig this feature!

    Sequential Prophet-10 Module Features:

    • 10-voice polyphonic synth with pure analog signal chain
    • Dual Curtis VCOs with PWM and hard sync
    • 2 Selectable filter types — Rossum-designed 2140 and Curtis-designed CEM 3320
    • LFO with sawtooth, triangle, and square waveshapes and initial amount control
    • Modulation destinations include oscillator A and B frequency, pulse width modulation, and filter cutoff
    • Knob-per-function architecture inspires expressive performance
    • Unison mode with configurable voice count for fat monophonic tones
    • Polyphonic glide
    • 200 user and 200 factory patch memory slots
    • USB MIDI and 5-pin MIDI in/out/thru
    • Volume, filter cutoff, and sustain pedal inputs
    • Mono line and stereo headphone outputs


    More information – Sequential

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