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    Fysieke winkels in Riga en Rotterdam
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    Beschrijving Ultraviolet

    Quintessential Vibe.

    A warm grittiness to the warble, a rippling, wooshing, bubbling irregularity to the modulation and a dynamic response to your picking are all hallmarks of the true vibe experience. Thicker and chewier than any chorus, earthier than any phaser and uniquely magical in front of a driven amp, the perfect vibe pedal moves you to dig in and play without inhibition. This feeling has been difficult to find outside of large and expensive fully-analog boutique units, but the search for that elusive experience is now over. Delivering vintage vibe tone that’s second to none with simple and powerful controls for instantly obtaining a rich variety of captivating sounds, UltraViolet is the vibe pedal you’ve been looking for.

    Vintage Plus

    UltraViolet’s simple and responsive controls provide a wider range of sounds than traditional vibe pedals.

    In addition to the familiar Chorus (50% wet) and Vibrato (100% wet) settings, there is a new Blend setting (30% wet) for an inspiring variety of more subtle effects.

    A Bias switch gives you three distinct flavors of sweep shape and tone emphasis, allowing for tons of sonic variation.

    At slow speeds, the intensity range has been expanded beyond that of traditional vibe circuits to push even further into warmly undulating sonic territory. UltraViolet gives you all the classic vibe tones—and more.

    All New Algorithm

    For UltraViolet’s new vibe algorithm, all the elements of the classic optical vibe circuit (and their interdependencies) have been meticulously recreated for a dynamic playing response.

    From the effects of bias, speed and LFO waveshape on the pulsing of the lamp, to
    the response of the light-dependent resistors that set the center frequencies of the staggered phasing filters, the entire system has been duplicated and carefully tuned to produce the very best sounds a vibe pedal can offer.

    Stereo MIDI Rig Ready

    TRS stereo input and output in a dual mono configuration means you can place UltraViolet at any point in your pedal chain with no impact on your stereo image.

    Full MIDI implementation with 300 available preset locations ensures that UltraViolet is ready for your MIDI rig.

    In addition to TRS MIDI, there is a USB-C jack for controlling the pedal via MIDI from a computer or for performing firmware updates.

    For hands-free control without MIDI you can connect an expression pedal for control over any combination of knobs in any direction. (Expression pedal controls Speed by default.) Or attach an optional external switch for tap tempo or favorite recall.

    Finally, a high-impedance, ultra-low noise discrete Class A JFET stereo input preamp provides exceptional touch sensitivity, dynamics and feel—all in a rugged and elegantly compact form factor.



    UltraViolet features full MIDI implementation and 300 presets, allowing you to control it remotely by sending MIDI commands from your controller or DAW via the EXP/MIDI jack or USB-C connection.

    Remotely bypass or engage the pedal, automate Speed or other knob adjustments in your DAW or recall unique presets for each song on your setlist — the possibilities with MIDI are limitless.

    True/Buffered Bypass

    UltraViolet lets you choose between electromechanical relay-switched true bypass for a 100% untouched and unprocessed signal when the pedal is not engaged (which is the default), or our premium buffered bypass, which preserves your signal’s integrity by preventing the high frequency roll-off that can happen due to longer cable runs.

    JFET Input

    Uncompromised dynamics and feel. Exceptional touch sensitivity and responsiveness. UltraViolet feels just as good as it sounds, thanks to a high-impedance, ultra-low noise and discrete Class A JFET preamp input.


    Even though it might look like it’s a standard mono effect, there’s no need to make compromises when it comes to signal routing or pedal placement with UltraViolet.

    Equipped with a single TRS input and TRS output jack in a dual mono configuration, the pedal keeps to a compact form factor while still giving you the option to use it in stereo.

    A dedicated rear panel Input switch allows you to determine the audio routing, selecting between Mono In → Mono Out, Mono In → Stereo Out, or Stereo In → Stereo Out (stereo in and out requires a TRS cable for each jack).

    ARM Processor

    An evolution in technology led by mobile phones and laptop computers now allows our pedals to perform more simultaneous processes than ever before, and with significantly less power draw.

    That means more processing power for every sonic nuance, and less power consumption on your pedal board.

    Ins, Outs, and Switches


    • High impedance ultra low-noise discrete Class A JFET TRS stereo input.

    • Low impedance TRS stereo output.

    • Expression pedal input allows the connection of a TRS expression pedal, MiniSwitch,

      MultiSwitch Plus, or TRS MIDI connection.

    • USB jack for controlling via MIDI from a computer or for performing firmware updates.

      Audio Quality

      • Premium JFET analog front end

      • Super low noise, high performance 24-bit 96kHz A/D and D/A converters provide

        uncompromising audio quality

      • High Performance 520MHz ARM Superscalar processor

      • 32-bit floating point processing

      • 20Hz to 20kHz frequency response

      • Typical signal to noise ratio: 116dB

      • Audio Input Impedance: 1M Ohm

      • Audio Output Impedance: 100 Ohm


        • Strong and lightweight anodized aluminum chassis

        • Power requirements: maximum 9 volts DC center-negative, with a minimum 250mA of

          current. (Adapter sold separately.)

        • Dimensions:

          4.5” deep x 1.7” wide x 2.2” tall

          11.43 cm deep x 4.32 cm wide x 5.59 cm tall

        • Designed and built in the USA


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