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Erebus Reissue

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    Description Erebus Reissue

    Striking Sonics of Mythical Proportions

    In Greek mythology, Erebus is an ancient primordial deity born from Chaos and the personification of darkness. Fittingly, Dreadbox has crafted a powerful semi-modular synthesizer whose distinctive, all-analog voicing is as all-encompassing as its namesake inspiration. This paraphonic synth boasts two VCOs brimming with warm and snappy sonics. A suite of sonic-shaping tools include an OTA VCA; per-oscillator glide controls; and a pre-fed, 2-pole lowpass filter alongside an atmospheric, lo-fi delay. Versatile compatibility considerations include MIDI and CV control, as well as the ability to take Erebus out of its housing and seamlessly integrate it into any Eurorack rig with 42HP to spare. 

    Dreadbox Erebus Reissue Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer Features:

    • Faithful re-creation of the original Erebus delivers distinctive, all-analog sonics with a few welcome improvements
    • Intelligent engineering means flexible use as a standalone device or 42HP Eurorack module
    • Paraphonic bi-oscillator architecture with multiple waveform choices and Hard Sync toggle enable unique and inventive playing
    • Lo-fi echo effect and per-oscillator glide controls allow for atmospheric sound design and dimensional depth
    • OTA VCA with accompanying AR and ADSR envelopes preserve clarity at any level for precision sound shaping
    • Massive LFO frequency goes high into the audio rate with square and triangle selections for flexible modulation
    • Robust MIDI and CV control options accommodate any approach to synthesis

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