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    Description Lethargy

    Rich Analog Phasing for Guitars and Synths

    The Dreadbox Lethargy analog 8-stage phase shifter pedal delivers fat and chewy phase effects for guitars and synthesizers, complete with three patch points for modular synthesists. Choose from two LFO wave shapes to shape your modulation, with LFO rates up to 110Hz for truly chaotic effects. Guitarists at Sweetwater especially dig the Manual control, which allows you to set a fixed phase shift amount instead of LFO modulation for a cocked-wah kind of effect. You can also dial back the Feedback control to discover a vibrant analog vibrato effect. Whether you're looking for subtle or extreme phasing effects, you'll be impressed with the creative potential lurking within the Dreadbox Lethargy phaser pedal.

    Dreadbox Lethargy Analog Phase Shifter Effects Pedal Features:

    • 8-stage analog phase shifter for electric guitar and synthesizers
    • 3 patch points for integration with modular synthesizers
    • Wide-ranging LFO, from several seconds up to 110Hz
    • Choose from triangle or square LFO shapes for 2 distinct modulation styles
    • Dial feedback all the way down for use as a vibrato effect
    • Turn off LFO modulation to control phase shift with the Manual knob
    • Requires 9V DC power supply (sold separately)

    More information - Dreadbox

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