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Make Noise


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    Beschrijving XPO

    Vivid and animated, the Make Noise XPO is an analog oscillator that offers three distinct varieties of stereo animation for crafting vibrant Eurorack patches. With XPO and a curated selection of other modules, it's possible to assemble a fully-stereo signal path from start to finish. Paired with other Make Noise favorites like QPASMimeophon, and X-PAN, it's the centerpiece of a remarkably rich playground for stereo patching.

    There's simply no shortage of outputs on the XPO, with 11 total simultaneous outputs split into three stereo pairs and five mono outs. Inside, plenty of analog magic is at play to give the XPO its colorful stereo image, which is achieved through stereo pulse-width modulation, stereo Vari-Timbre—inspired by their STO, and stereo wavefolding—borrowed from the DPO. With a symmetrical layout similar to QPAS, movement for both sides can be created with the Modulate-L and Modulate-R controls, scaled and set through attenuverters. Signals patched into the left side normalize across the module for easy movement, or patch a different signal from your system—related or not—into the right side for totally independent stereo tomfoolery. And for the Vari-Timbre and stereo wavefolder circuits, a Center parameter provides further shaping across both sides of the stereo field.

    As for the mono outputs, these are laid out across the top of the module, covering traditional waveforms like sine, triangle, and sawtooth plus spike and sub. While XPO certainly shines through its stereo magic, these bread-and-butter outputs are for providing a sonic foundation that cuts right through the center of a mix, and are also valuable sources of audio-rate modulation to further enrich the timbres in your patch. Try using one of these to modulate the cutoff of a filter processing XPO's stereo outputs, or self-patch into XPO for grit and chaos.

    Rounding out the feature-set, XPO contains additional inputs for essential oscillator functionality. Though it is just a single oscillator, two 1V/Oct inputs allow for the stacking of sequences, transposition, or brutally powerful FM. Speaking of which, XPO offers both linear and exponential FM input, with the former featuring voltage-controlled FM index and a normalled-connection to the sub-oscillator, while the latter offers an attenuverter. And of course, there's a hard sync input for those characterful growls and sweeps—which sound great in stereo! Whether you're completing your suite of stereo Make Noise modules or simply adding another colorful member to your ensemble, the XPO won't disappoint.


    • Stereo analog VCO
    • 3 stereo pairs and 5 mono waveforms make for a total of 11 different outputs!
    • Provides stereo pulse-width modulation, stereo Vari-Timbre, and stereo wavefolding
    • Mono outputs for sine, triangle, sawtooth, spike, and sub waveforms
    • Modulate-L and Modulate-R controls and CV inputs
    • Modulate-L input signal normalizes to right side
    • Center parameter for further control of Vari-Timbre and wavefolder sections
    • Linear and Exponential FM inputs
    • Dual 1V/Oct inputs
    • Hard sync input

    More information - Make Noise Music

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